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Gorilla trekking /gorilla tracking is clearly one of the most sought for activity in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo.  The gorilla trekking activity consists of simply heading to the jungles in search for the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat and later upon finding them, sessions of interaction is between the trekkers and the gorillas take place, some the remarkable sessions is taking photos of the gorillas and as well finding more about how they live  in the their families / groups.   Gorilla trekking in Uganda takes place in bwindi impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park. Uganda also doubles the home to the biggest number of mountain gorillas, taking upto ¾ of the fraction. In Rwanda, gorilla trekking takes place in Volcanoes National park and Congo gorilla trekking is conducted in Virunga national park. 

The thrill in gorilla trekking is not only derived in seeing the gorillas, but rather the process of getting to see the gorillas. The process kicks off by being delivered to the briefing points where trekkers   are told on the procedures of gorilla trekking.  Gorilla trekkers are taught on the dos and don’ts of gorilla trekking. Later the next phase is being assigned the gorilla families to track from , as well as  being  assigned the rangers to accompany the trekkers on the gorilla trekking exercise.  Delve into the jungles in search for the mountain gorillas,  the hike through the jungles presents opportunities to encounter other jungle  wildlife such as the monkeys, baboons  as well as other small forest animals and bird species.    



Popular Uganda safari packages

A Uganda safari  is simply  not a safari if some of the Uganda travel  parameters are not  set. Uganda as know as the pearl of Africa a connotation best know to winstone Churchill.  well Churchill’s reason for referring to Uganda as the pearl of Africa , range from the sprawling beuty that country showcases.  uganda charm is  hidden in the beatiful climate, green lush  vegetion that spans   relevant areas  across the country. the diverse culture  that the country entails.

For an enthusiastic traveler,  Uganda is  simply a rich ground to unearth the  travel  treasures. some of the highlights the uganda boasts of is gorilla trekking   conducted  in bwindi forest national park,  chimpanzee trekking  done at the jungles of bwindi and Mgahinga  gorillas national park, wildlife encounter in different  parks across the country,   the rich and diverse culture ,  birding safaris , city tours the list is endless.

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3 Day Uganda gorilla trekking

Delve into  Uganda highlight activity “gorilla trekking” in the  jungles of bwindi impenetrable National park

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5 Day Uganda gorilla & Wildlife

Bespoke  trip for those  the extra ordinary travelers who wish to  trek gorilla and see wildlife in Uganda

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3 Day  Murchison falls safari

Explore the wonders of Murchison falls national park , uganda’s  largest national park , experience the  abundance

kibale chimps

7 Day Uganda Primate & wildlife

Transcend the jungles  of Kibale forest national park, visit queen Elizabeth park and trek bwindi gorillas